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Evangelism and Counseling

Pastoral Care

Serving the Church

This ministry focuses on meeting the needs of the body, including spiritual and emotional needs.  Contact Norlin Ricks by emailing  HERE or by calling 937.599.4464 Ext. 103



Marriage ::: Adult ::: Teen ::: Addiction ::: Financial ::: Parenting

There are many different forms of counseling available at Christ Our King Church. The foundation for every piece of counsel that is given through Christ Our King Church is only that which is contained in the Scriptures. We understand that the Bible carries the solution for any and every problem a person could ever face in life. Our counsel is to simply show people where the solution is in the Bible. All counseling at Christ Our King Church is free. For more information about counseling please call the church office at 937-599-4464.



The Evangelism ministry at Christ Our King Church focuses on ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community. Through personal ministry, events and other creative avenues, our desire is to show the love and salvation that is found through Jesus Christ to every person living in Logan County, and as many more as God gives us the opportunity to.


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